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The Beginning is Allah, The end is Allah and With The Best Words...Bismillah

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Islamic geography blood is crying, who is the leader of the Islamic countries, such as Turkey or country settle.
israel with the Zionist forces but the protests on us endlessly playing various games. He cursed nation ISRAEL, 
did you bear to Numerous Muslims, did you shed blood, their brothers or destroyed homes. Their lives, their property, 
even though you have no right to honor Bean raped. Whatever you do, Allah will perfect His light. Israel and the dog that 
had given away the last of them is certainly the future. That's when I swords that will be lifted to heaven and you will shine 
with that filthy blood. O killer of Israel, O killer america, china, O killer swear to God we will fight you till the last drop of our 
blood, and that this scheme will set you break down. We are the sons of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. Ancestors of the good 
we recogniz. Look at your history as we are afraid of the dog, remember the time. Please test the patience of the Turkish 
nation. Hooray for wrongdoing believers in eternal Hell .. It is our victory and the victory is near. We believe that God will help us. 
God help us if anyone of us can not win when.
"We are people of his who can be against us?"